Artist, author and designer for the stage.

Books and Writings:


I have been writing poetry and non fiction since I was a angsty teenager. Since then I have learned to use it as a tool to help me quiet my mind and relax, to document my feelings and emotions and to mark the passage of events in my life and those around me. Really though, writing is the greatest form of escapism there is.

My writing now is all over the place. I still write poetry and the first draft of my second novel is almost complete. I have served as a reader for a new play festival for a number of years and that has led to my own attempts at play writing. Writing for the stage was never something I had considered despite having worked in the business for my entire adult life.

If you are interested in reading some of my work then here is where you can find it. I used to send my poems off to all the contests and journals out there. I got published by some and rejected by many. Now in my old age I just don't have the time, energy or desire to deal with such foolishness. I do however publish my own works on the major digital platforms and some of my collections are even available in print editions. I am in the midst of re-publishing a lot of my collections so depending on the platform you will be able to find more or less of the catalog... I'll link to individual projects and books soon as some of my new work hits.

  • - Let's face it, amazon is everywhere and has revolutionized the distribution and publishing industries. An author can not afford to not be available thru them.
  • Barnes and Nobles - I'm glad these guys are still around after all this time. Their buyers are devoted to the this storied book store chain and the NOOK reader still has its loyal followers.